New to CCR?

down-the-chimney-schottCCR ADVANTAGES - AN OVERVIEW

  • Radically Reduced Gas Usage: consumption is influenced by your body's metabolism, not depth. Average use is only about 1 litre / 0.035 ft per min no matter if you are diving at 10 m / 33 ft or 100 m / 330 ft!
  • Best Breathing Mix: the optimal nitrox mix at every depth with dramatically increased no-stop bottom times.
  • Optimized Deco: if your dive does require deco stops, a properly working CCR will always provide the best mix for the current depth.
  • Silent, Bubble-Free Diving: get up close and personal with wildlife
  • Increased Comfort: warm, moist breathing gas (as opposed to cool, dry gas with standard open circuit diving).
  • Versatility & Adaptability: ready for anything from a shallow reef dive to extended range cave exploration, to deep wreck discoveries, SubGravity CCRs can be customized to meet your needs.

Which CCR is Right for Me?

One of the most challenging aspects of becoming a CCR diver is deciding how to choose which CCR unit to purchase and train on. In a perfect world, each prospective CCR diver would have the opportunity to train on and dive each potential unit for several months before committing to a purchase. Unfortunately, this is not possible for most people. Perhaps the most important thing is for the buyer to do research with regards to anticipated application, manufacturer and distributor’s reputation, build quality, after purchase support, technological advances, access to quality training, and reputation of the explorers using these units.  Try dives are great, but keep in mind that without direct comparison between multiple units, as a new CCR diver it may be difficult to accurately analyze which unit may be just correct for you. Additionally, keep in mind that most instructors specialize in one particular brand unit or another and will almost always recommend the unit which they own and teach on. Instructor advise is great, but is almost always prejudiced towards the unit(s) on which they teach. The same principle applies towards other CCR divers. Almost all divers feel strongly about the unit for which they have just paid $10,000+ dollars, so keep an open mind and make sure that your prospective unit ticks as many boxes as possible for what you are looking for. Unfortunately, there is no single magic unit which works for virtually every diver out there. Different people have different needs and requirements. Do you homework and speak to several different credible people about a prospective unit. Find a qualified instructor on that unit and if possible, do a try dive or 2 or 3!