This is where you will find links to download SubGravity CCR manuals, checklists, software and other cool SG CCR stuff. As we produce updated manuals and other documents for the rebreathers, we will post them here for download. Please check back often to ensure you have the latest version of the official CCR software, manuals and checklists.

CCR User Manuals


CCR Software/Firmware Updates


CCR Forms & Waivers

When purchasing a new rebreather from SubGravity, or sending an older unit in for upgrades or repair, please download and complete the appropriate form from below.


CCR Checklists

Use the SubGravity CCR checklists every time you dive. We have created various versions which are intended to be used for differing purposes. If you have any questions about the checklists below, feel free to contact us at or speak with your factory approved SubGravity CCR instructor.


CCR Product Data

  • SubGravity Defender CCR Spec Sheet
  • iQsub X-CCR Spec Sheet