Marcin Bramson

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Units Taught:X-CCR, Defender
Instructor Level:CCR Advanced Mixed Gas IT
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More about Marcin Bramson

Marcin Bramson has started diving in 1999. Three years later he has begun the adventure with technical and trimix diving. A little later he started diving various rebreathers. Since early 2008 he dives with HH CCR and naturally he has been one of the first divers Defender and X-CCR. He most likes cave and wreck diving, especially those deeper situated and rarely visited.

His great passion is to share his knowledge and experience with others . He specializes in technical and rebreather training. He belives that “the true teacher should always be diligent student”, and therefore continually improves his diving skills and training workshop. In teaching he pays special attention to professionalism and safety.

Marcin provides training at all levels CCR.