Danny Rivera

Instructor Data

Units Taught:Defender
Instructor Level:Air Dil Deco / Advanced Recreational Trimix
Agency:TDI / IANTD
Location:New York
Region:North America
E-Mail: goodlifedivers@gmail.com
Social Media:

More about Danny Rivera

Danny started his dive career as an Open Water Diver in 2004 as training towards becoming a Public Safety Diver. Since then, he has been diving and training all over the world, including wrecks, caves and deep reefs from Canada to the Caribbean, Iceland to the Pacific Northwest and the Mediterranean. His appetite for travel and dive adventures has continued to grow throughout the years. When he is not riding in the back of an ambulance as a Paramedic, you can find Danny on one of the many wrecks in the Northeast digging for treasure or looking for dinner. 

Danny started Good Life Divers in 2011 with the goal to provide high quality dive education and training. His classes are small and customized to each individual diver and mainly take place on the shores and wrecks of the Northeast. Danny travels extensively throughout the US and is willing to travel internationally to provide training. 

For more information and to join in on an upcoming class contact Danny Rivera: +1 516.554.2993