Bartek Ra

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Units Taught:X-CCR
Instructor Level:CCR Air Dil Decompression, CCR Full Cave
Region:North America
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Bartek Ra (Bartosz Buszko)

My adventure with diving began in 1997, when during my first visit to Mexico, I did scuba diver training in Casa Cenote with Gunar Wagner’s Actun Dive Center (Tulum). For me, it was an extraordinary experience and by coincidence,  my first dive ever was in a Cenote. For the next several years, I dived in many places around the world. From New Zeland ,Australia, Asia, Europe, Central Africa, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, Croatia, France, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and of course my native Poland. Gradually, I increased my diving skills under different conditions from water temperature of 4C to the warm tropical waters of Egypt. Over the years I gained other recreational and professional credentials to the level Full Trimix Instructor. The real breakthrough, however, came in 2011 when I finished my Cave Training with Marco Wagner (Gunar Wagner’s nephew). From this training I knew that not only did I want to dive almost exclusively in caves but also that I wanted to be Cave Instructor in the future. I put everything on “one card” and two years later, at the invitation of Andreas W. Matthes I moved permanently to Tulum starting a long apprenticeship training with Protec Dive Center. I had the great fortune of assisting Matt, Patrick Widman, Kim Davidsson and learn Cave survey from Alex Reato. However, the greatest influence of shaping me as an Cave Instructor came from my Instructor Trainer Kelvin Davidson, who over an almost 2 year period,  gave me the greatest value and skills which affect me to this day. My current style of teaching and knowledge is the result of experiences that I received from these people over time and of course with my own personality and approach.  For several years, I was fascinated by the rebreather diving and constantly developed my skills and training techniques associated with this type of dives. While in Tulum in 2013, I founded Cavemexico Dive Platform (Cave Mexico) and I continue to develop it to this day, teaching cave diving. In my spare time I Explore new caves and visit caves around the world.

Participant in folowing explorations:

First Explorer of:

2014 Cenote Hecatomb – 1500 m

2015 Cenote Endorfina 1280 m

2015 Cenote – Earthquake 1600 m

2015 Cenote Box Ki Sin – over 3000 m


2016 Project Director of Box Ki Sin Exploration project

The longest cave dive: 21 500 m

The longest cave dive (Time): 10 h 8 min

The longest deco cave dive: 9 h (7:40 of deco)

The deepest cave dive: 125 m

IANTD: Advanced Cave: SideMount / No Mount Instructor, Stage/Multistage Instructor, Technical Cave Instructor, Normoxic Trimix Instructor, Intro to Cave Instructor, Cavern Instructor, Advanced EANx Instructor, Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor, Technical Diver Instructor, Essentials Diver Instructor, Hammerhead CCR Instructor

TDI: CCR Hammerhead Air Diluent Instructor, X-CCR Air Diluent Instructor, X-CCR Air Diluent Decompression Instructor, X-CCR Helitrox Instructor, Stage Cave Instructor, Cave Sidemount Instructor, Advanced Cave Sidemount Instructor, Full Cave Instructor, Trimix Instructor, Diver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor (DPV),Equipment Specialist Instructor, Computer Diver Instructor, Search and Recovery Diving Instructor, Underwater Video Instructor, Dry Suit Diving Instructor, Deep Diving Instructor, Underwater Navigation Diving Instructor, Night-Limited Visibility Diving Instructor, Wreck Instructor, Advanced Buoyancy Instructor, Marine EcoSystems Awareness Instructor, Intro To Tech Instructor, Intro to Cave Instructor, Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor, CPR1st Instructor, CPROX Instructor, CPROX1st AED Instructor, SDI Sidemount Instructor, Sidemount Instructor, Cavern Instructor, Computer Nitrox Instructor, Nitrox Instructor, Advanced Nitrox Instructor, Decompression Procedures Instructor, Nitrox Gas Blending Instructor, Advanced Gas Blending Instructor, Boat Diving Instructor, Underwater Digital Photography Instructor

PADI: Full Trimix Diver Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Tec Rec Deep, Tec Rec Trimix Blender Instructor, Technical Rescue Instructor , Tec Sidemount Instructor, Cavern Instructor Boat Instructor, Digital Underwater Photography Instructor DPV Instructor, Equipment specialist Instructor, Multilevel Diver Instructor, Search & Recovery Instructor, Underwater videographer Instructor Sidemount Instr.uctor Dry Suit Instructor, Deep Instructor, Enriched Air instructor, E O P Instructor, Underwater Navigator Instr.uctor Night Diver Instructor, Wreck