Michael Thornton

Instructor Data

Units Taught:X-CCR, Defender
Instructor Level:CCR Advanced Mixed Gas IT, CCR Full Cave
Location:Utah, Florida, USA
Region:North America
E-Mail: michael@sub-gravity.com
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More about Michael Thornton

Michael Thornton started diving in 1998 and has been an addict ever since. Michael first fell in love with tech diving when he completed his Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures to become certified OC Full Cave at an early age of 15 with his brother and father. In 2006 Michael began teaching technical diving courses around the world through Dive Addicts, a world-renowned diving facility and training center. His biggest passion is teaching CCR Cave diving.

Michael started diving rebreathers in 2003. In 2013 Michael was instrumental in developing TDI’s rebreather cave program and is currently helping them with many more rebreather programs.

One of SubGravity’s Instructor trainers through TDI and IANTD. Michael teaches up through mixed gas and CCR Cave. Michael works closely to develop SubGravity’s training program as well as develop and test new products.

When not teaching Michael can be found working on a cave exploration, writing music or with his growing family of future CCR divers in Utah.