Lauren Kieren

Instructor Data

Units Taught:X-CCR, Defender
Instructor Level:CCR Air Dil Decompression
Location:Florida, USA
Region:North America
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More about Lauren Kieren

Originally from Dallas, Texas now residing in Florida, Lauren Kieren is an active technical diver and Instructor Trainer with a passion for CCR cave diving. She started diving at the age of 12 and has been going non-stop ever since; diving in wrecks, reefs, deep walls, caves, you name it and she’s in!

Lauren can teach on a variety of closed circuit rebreathers but has made the Defender and X-CCR her rebreathers of choice since the Spring of 2015. If you are thinking about becoming a CCR diver, Lauren wants to dive with you! She loves working with new CCR divers and taking the time to get them comfortable and competent on their rebreather.

You can typically find her diving the deep wrecks of South Florida or the caves of North Florida but… She’s always willing to travel to dive or teach your CCR course.

You can contact her directly at one of the following:

USA phone: 1(340)-227-5668 (call or text)