Jonathon Di Cecco

Instructor Data

Units Taught:Defender
Instructor Level:CCR Air Dil
Location:Tulum Mexico, Australia
Region:Australia / Oceania
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More about Jonathon Di Cecco

Jonathon Di Cecco is a passionate, active technical diver and has been a fulltime instructor since 2009. Originally from Victoria, Australia, his diving has taken him all throughout Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, the United States, and Australia both in caves and the ocean. At the present time, you will find Jonathon exploring the caves of Mexico on his Defender CCR.

Jonathon’s passion is diving and introducing a life changing experience to both new and experienced divers. Mainly teaching in Australia, South East Asia and Mexico, he travels the world providing diver related training and education. He promotes safe team diving practices and his courses are structured and incorporate a framework for gradual training ensuring his students come out of the program as comfortable, safe and capable divers.  

He is known for being a patient and calm instructor, who will put in extra time for any diver wanting to refine their diving ability, knowledge and comfort level underwater.  

For more information and training schedule, contact Jonathon on the details listed above.