Jon Kieren

Instructor Data

Units Taught:X-CCR, Defender
Instructor Level:CCR Air Dil Decompression
Location:Florida, USA
Region:North America
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Jon has been an active dive professional since 2008, and has focused mainly on training technical divers since 2011. With his wife, Lauren, he co-owns Kieren Technical, LLC and provides training, marketing, and product development consulting services to the dive industry. He is an active Instructor Trainer for most open circuit TDI courses, and a rebreather instructor on several units. The SubGravity CCRs have been Jon’s units of choice since the spring of 2015, and he is dedicated to providing quality training on both the Defender and X-CCR.

Jon teaches mainly in Florida and the Caribbean, and is always willing to travel internationally to train as well.

Location- Florida and Virgin Islands

Contact- Phone: 340-227-6007