Jon Kieren

Instructor Data

Units Taught:X-CCR, Defender
Instructor Level:CCR Air Dil Decompression
Location:Florida, USA
Region:North America
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Jon has been an active dive professional since 2008, and has focused mainly on training technical divers since 2011.

With close to 1000 hours on rebreathers, the SubGravity CCRs have been his go-to units since 2014, putting them through their paces on deep extended range technical and cave dives on a daily basis.  

He is a GUE and NSS-CDS Instructor, and TDI Instructor Trainer Evaluator offering open circuit technical, CCR, and cave training in Florida, Mexico, and the US Virgin Islands.


High Springs, Florida

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands


Phone/WhatsApp: +1-340-227-6007