Ian France

Instructor Data

Units Taught:X-CCR, Defender
Instructor Level:CCR Advanced Mixed Gas, CCR Full Cave
E-Mail: ian@ianfrancetechnical.co.uk
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More about Ian France

Ian France is a passionate full time technical diving educator, specializing in Mine, Cave and Trimix, with a wealth of experience in all kit configurations, OC and CCR..

A regular instructor at Tekcamp, fundamental in the UKMC (www.ukmine-cave.com), and when not teaching – a very active diver exploring caves, mines, and the ocean. What really motivates Ian is the desire to pass on my experience and knowledge to students so that they too can discover the intrigue and delights of the underwater world and believing that the wrecks, caves and unexplored areas of the world are accessible to all divers with the correct training, equipment and knowledge.