Charlie KH Kwon

Instructor Data

Units Taught:Defender
Instructor Level:Air Dil Deco
Location:South Korea/Philippines
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More about Charlie KH Kwon

“I am diving instructor in Cebu, Philippines and it has been over ten years. I am currently running a diving resort called Seahorse Dive Resort with 8 staff instructors.

We emit approximately 2,000 recreational and technical divers annually.

2012 was a special year in my diving life.

I became TDI IT in 2012, and I started CCR in the same year.

I have used four different CCRs for six years, and I decided to use Defender which I became an instructor with.

CCR is rather essential than a choice for my deep-trimix diving experience, and I am more than willing to share this one and only special experience of the CCR with you.”