The Defender is an enhanced version of our world famous rebreather.  It comes fully loaded with a full range of new features.  Available as a complete unit or as an upgrade to existing units.  The Defender utilizes the SG-1 electronics package to maintain the set point and control the solenoid.  The standard unit includes a radial scrubber, Shrimp BOV, removable O2 cell cartridge, Quick Loc attachments on all breathing hoses and at the BOV.  MAVs for both O2 and Dil, bayonet head fitting, 3 liter O2 and Dil tanks, choice of BMCLs or OTSCLs, backplate, and wing, primary and secondary handsets, HUD, Metal Sub tank brackets, first stage regulators,  and 3 O2 cells.

Electronic package comes standard with SG-1 electronics as a primary with hi-rez, color TFT screen.  Secondary handset such as Shearwater Petrel,  Heinrich Weikamp OSTC or other constant PO2 computer offers redundant PO2 monitoring.

All cables connecting to the head of the Defender CCR connect with an industrial grade, stainless steel water blocked connector rated for 5000 connections.

Can / Scrubber

  • 8 lbs. Radial Scrubber (9.1 lbs., 5.5 lbs. or 4.4 lbs. optional)
  • Defender CCR can Height full size: 18.1” (46 cm)
  • Defender CCR can small can 14.6” (37 cm)
  • Marine grade aluminum canister (Delrin can optional)
  • Bayonet (Click-Lok) connection for head (no exterior connections to pop open or snag)

Loop / CL / BOV

  • Easy breakdown for cleaning and inspection
  • Choose between over the shoulder and back mounted counterlungs
  • Choose between rubber Crush-Proof hoses or Cooper Hoses
  • Unique “Click-Lok" connections on breathing hoses keyed against improper assembly
  • Compact and ergonomic design facilitates easy tool-less assembly and maintanance
  • Shrimp BOV

Head / Electronics

  • Simple dual sided multi LED HUD
  • SG-1 controller with high contrast true color LCD-TFT display 2x4”
  • Main electronics contained in primary handset
  • Secondary handset options include Shearwater Petrel, OSTC-cR, Divesoft Freedom, or a Shearwater NERD HUD offering true secondary redundant PO2 monitoring
  • Rechargeable lithium battery sealed in the primary handet
  • User serviceable 316 SS Solenoid.
  • 300m 316 SS water-tight connectors (can be disconnected at the head for easy servicing or in the field replacement.)
  • O2-sensors located in the easily removable cartridge - making it easy to dry, check or replace the sensors.
  • 3 user definable set points, plus a “M” (manual) set point which maintains a minimum of 0.4 PO2
  • 7 OC user definable bailout gas
  • Detailed and simplified big text dive screen for easy reading
  • Simple navigation
  • Decompression on both primary and secondary handsets
  • User selectable cell display order to match virtually any handset protocol
  • SG-1 electronics updated via USB connection for easy and continual factory upgrades

Safety Features

  • Double sided multi LED HUD
  • Unique “Click-Lok" connections on breathing hoses keyed against improper assembly
  • Manual add valves for both O2 and Dil with tactile differences
  • No batteries in the loop to protect from noxious fumes
  • Easy breakdown for cleaning and inspection
  • Built tough to withstand the riggers of expedition diving
  • Bayonet (Click-Lok) connection for head (no exterior connections to pop open or snag)
  • Flood resistant T-piece/canister design and superior flood recovery
  • O2-sensors in an easily removable cartridge - making it easy to dry, check or replace the sensors
  • Shrimp BOV for effortless , one-handed bailout
  • Colored coded screen on primary handset
    • Green = OK, ... the values are within limits
    • Yellow = Warning ... the value is in still acceptable deviation
    • Red = Alert ... the value has exceeded safe limits
  • Secondary handset offering full redundancy of PO2 monitoring

Why Choose the Defender CCR?

  • All of the electronics are contained in the primary handset so if you suffer an electronics failure in the field, you can simply plug in an alternate handset and BOOM! - You’re back in business!
  • 10 years worth of thousands of manned dives on the same canister, loop and scrubber design.
  • All cables are detachable at the head for easy service and maintenance
  • Ultimate in flexible configuration including multiple canister, scrubber, counterlungs, tanks and electronics options.
  • Easy to read and navigate electronics packages
  • Decompression computers in both primary and secondary handsets
  • Bayonet fittings on all connections to avoid snaps and latches which break and catch on things
  • World class work of breathing
  • The most robust CCR in the world!
  • Extremely flood tolerant
  • Sealed lithium rechargeable battery in the primary handset to lesson possibility of floods
  • Upgradeable unit software via usb plug
  • Removable O2 cell cartridge for easy to dry, service, or change cells